Double Your Income Working 2 Months Per Year Without Quitting Your Job

  • You know there is more to life than working for someone else
  • Working hard is second nature to succeeding in life
  • You have always wanted to own a business and have fun
  • The Halloween Business is where you can have it all

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Headshot 071613 ORANGEI guide entrepreneurs in creating a successful life working in the seasonal Halloween business. In the course of my 5 year career in the Halloween Business, I have helped my clients sell more than $40 Million of merchandise and counting.

I teach clients how to become marketing, merchandising and buying masters while doubling their investment and having fun in the business! Through my books, CD, DVD and consulting programs, I empower serial and aspiring entrepreneurs to live their ideal life.

I am author of The Halloween Business: Double Your Income Working 2 Months Per Year. In my free time, I write about throwing costume theme parties and creative costume ideas. I am dedicated to helping entrepreneurs succeed in the Halloween business working 2 months per year without quitting their job.