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  • You know there is more to life than working for someone else
  • Working hard is second nature to succeeding in life
  • You have always wanted to own a business and have fun
  • The Halloween Business is where you can have it all

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What Do A Hot Mess Zombie And a $20 Sex Symbol Have In Common With Your Halloween Costume

So, what exactly does a hot mess zombie and a $20 sex symbol have in common with your Halloween costume? Let’s just say more than you think. I was invited to Local Las Vegas Fox 5 to talk with Monica Jackson about what’s happening and hip for 2013 and frankly, it is still in for […]

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NBC8 Daytime Pink Lemonade And Tough Girls Party

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Life Love Shopping: 3 Labor Day Parties You Should Never Throw

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It’s All The Rage Black & White Summer Parties

Back to the Basics. Black. And. White. In my interview, the host already came wearing the right threads. In my interview with Rachel on KVVU Fox 5’s show MORE in Las Vegas, my focus was on the black and white party theme for summer. We had a great segment about throwing a summer party, or […]

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